Most Popular House Types In The US

Properties and estates are very much ambitious and life investment for people in Houston. People look around for having the home of their dreams available at their favorite or the most desirable places at a cost that favors their budget. This is what prompts the business of estate sales in Houston, Texas. In the entire United States, buying houses is preferred over any other property for residential purposes.

So, a representative from Blue Family Estate Sales mentioned some popular types of houses looked up by people.


For people with a family, Ranch style homes are very much considered to be extremely favorable and popular too. Ranches themselves have a number of different and associated styles with them that sometimes excite and even confuse the buyers. Ranch styling is derived from the original house style that used to be built upon ranches.


This design lays focus on the use of primary and natural materials like brick, stone, and wood. These styles of homes can easily be identified because of their peculiar features that are visible to people even at a single glance. They are accompanied by squared-off columns and deep front porches. This design although coming from an old heritage is extremely popular and preferred now because of the vintage and artistic touch.

Cape Cod

This design is derived from the thatched roof design coming straight out of Britain. Cape cod design can be customized with a lot of different looks but there are certain factors that remain intact like cedar shingles, dormer windows, and windowed front doors. These houses come in all ranges from cheap to heavily expensive models.