Becoming An Armed Security Officer And Everything You Need To Know About This Opportunity

The armed security guards or officers are in great demand, as more and more companies are hiring more specialized teams to protect their employees and properties. The most common customers of the armed security teams are the banks, other financial institutes, retails shops, private companies, armed car companies and even other security firms. Even if the demand for armed security officers is high, not everyone can become such guard and only the best applicants will be accepted in the business. If you want to get a job as an armed security officer, you have to fulfill all the conditions and they aren’t a few. You will need special trainings, licenses and the education is also important.

The most important requirements to become an armed security guard

If you are considering applying for a security job, you should know from the beginning that it will not be an easy journey, especially if you have never worked in the security industry or in the police or army. For an entry level position you have to fulfill many requirements and their number increases as the position you want to apply for is more important or specific. This is the case for the armed security guard positions. First of all you need to be 18 years old, you will need to be trained and you will need a few licenses. Also, you will be checked for a criminal record and a high school diploma. Different degrees can increase your chance to be picked and hired, such as a criminal justice degree, a degree in political science, different bachelors programs, internships and so on. Having experience in this field of work is a plus, of course and you shouldn’t forget about the gun license as well.

Working in the armed security services is an honor

This is an important aspect and you should really understand it before applying for such position. Working for this service is an opportunity not everybody can receive and it is a proof of faith. Treat this job with respect and with seriousness because the lives of many people are in your hands.

You have to be well trained

The training is very important and it cannot be ignored. The security companies take this training very serious and with no proper training you will not be able to find a job as an armed security officer. The training programs are offered by many organizations, private institutes, community colleges, and even individual trainers can teach you the security basics. You will be thought everything you need to know about surveillance equipment, non-lethal weapons, reports, emergency situations and so on. Keep in mind that you will need a gun permit as well.

After this training is finished, you will have to obtain licensure. This consists in a drug test, a background check and a training. Also, officer certification might be useful in some positions, because this certification will give you the right to arrest suspects. There are other certifications you might need and some of them might even increase the chances that you will be the candidate chosen for the next position.